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Thanks for visiting, but honestly, why are you here?


Since, you are here, anyways, NO, I'm not related to the Japanese beer "ichiban", and have never tasted.   I actually prefer German beers.


So, what's the deal with "ItchiBahn"?  Am I Japanese?  No.  But if you must know, I'm an immigrant just like everyone else but the Natives.  Also, English is my second language, so your criticism will not be noted.


ItchiBahn is just another stupid alias I created eon ago.  If I recall, I was at the autobahn in Germany, riding a taxi cab, fearing for my life.  If you’ve been to Germany, then you know what I mean.  BTW, in Germany, all taxi cabs are BMW’s and Mercedes.  It’s funny how people in US are eager to pay big bucks to become taxi drivers.


Anyways, back to fearing for my life, I was pouring in sweat as I stared at the snow plowing on sides of autobahn.  The sweat began to itch, and I scratched until I bled.  And, so, the alias ItchiBahn was borne!  But, not until recently, I registered the domain name.


Well, now you know everything about me.  Nothing of interest…


Who or What is Enoch?

Enoch is the 7th from Adam, the great-grandfather of Noah.  In the biblical text, Enoch is the only one who “walked with God” and then taken by God, thus, never experiencing the mortal death.


When Noah was borne with strange characteristics, not of normal human but of angels, everyone was afraid of him.  Enoch gave the name Noah, and said the great destruction will come to cleanse all impurity on earth, but Noah and his three children will be saved.


It’s interesting how this Book of Enoch is banned from modern bibles, when Enoch is the only one who has actually walked with God.  Look it up, google or youtube “Book of Enoch”.



End of World, December 21, 2012?


Just because Mayan’s calendar ended on December 21, 2012, there are many articles and videos rendering to end of world on this date.  Really?  And I thought they just ran out of ink.  It’s gonna be Y2K all over again.

Seriously, our calendar system ends at December 31st of each year, and then you would have to get a new calendar.  Same with Mayan’s calendar, theirs end on December 21, 2012, and they will have to make new calendar.  Read up people…




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